The Information Systems team at Plant Biology and Global Ecology strives to enable scientific research at Carnegie through the development and support of information technology solutions.  As a technology service organization for the Carnegie community at DPB and DGE, we work to ensure that we have the technology and computational capacity necessary to support the researchers in achieving their scientific goals.


  • Provide technological systems and services that are reliable, secure, efficient, and relevent to enabling DPB and DGE's scientific endeavours
  • Provide a consistent and responsive technology support service to the DPB and DGE community
  • Partner with DPB and DGE researchers to direclty enable their science
  • Partner with DPB and DGE researchers, the larger Carnegie community, and external organizations to continuously develop and deploy a world-class computational envrionment
  • Create a welcoming and collaborative environment that encourages scientific productivity


The DPB/DGE Information Systems team is made up of only 2 full time staff, supporting approximatly 100+ employees and an additional 100+ collaborators at DPB and DGE.  DPB/DGE Information Systems also collaborates extensively with IT staff at other Carnegie departments, working on enterprise wide systems and services being deployed for all Carnegie departments, DPB and DGE included.

Learn more about the people behind DPB/DGE Information Systems team as well as their Carneige collaborators.


Helpdesk & KB/FAQ

URL: http://helpdesk.carnegiescience.edu/

Carnegie maintains an issue tracking system, or Helpdesk, to ensure all requests are documented and addressed in a timely manner.  Originally setup and deployed at DPB and DGE, the Freshservice helpdesk has become an institution wide support system.  Once a request is submitted to the system, a member of our staff will be immediately assigned to your request based on it's category and priority.

in addition to issue tracking, the helpdesk system provides system documentation and detailed solutions to commonly encountered IT issues. If you are looking for information on how to setup a new system or device, or encounter an issue you believe someone else is likely to have encountered before, there's a good chance you can find a solution in our Knowledge Base.

Visit the Office

Location: Main Building (Southeast corner of the campus), 2nd floor, room 916.

Hours: 9am - 6pm (Hours are approximate, many times IT staff need to work off hours to support scientific endeavours)

The DPB/DGE Information Systems Office maintains an open-door policy while staff are present, unless otherwise engaged (e.g. phone call, video conference, private meeting). Please feel free to stop by the office to get questions answered and issues resolved.