One of the more fun features of our Freshservice helpdesk system is the "Gamification" feature.  This feature awards points to "agents" for certain events on the helpdesk.  It's primarily focused around the resolving of tickets, where the more tickets you resolve, the more points you get.  Doing so faster and with fewer back-and-forths with the requester can also award extra points.  There's also additional points awarded if the requester provides positive feedback when a ticket is resolved.  The more "Green Smileys", the better.

For reference, Shaun always wins.  Always.  I've tried to beat him, and usually in the middle of the month I'm ahead, but by the end of the month he always demolishes everyone.  But this past February, Maria managed to demolish us all in the "Customer Wow" category.  Big congrats to Maria!

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.38.51 PM.png