As part of our commitment to supporting the DPB/DGE community, we're releasing quarterly reports on our work and workload.  We hope this will provide some insight into how IT is supporting the community.

Some quick takeaways:

  • Load is way up at the moment, which means other statistics (average first response time, average response time, resolution time, and backlog) are all up too.
  • I ask the most of IT in general.  This may surprise many of you, but it's no surprise to me.  We do many things in the background to keep IT systems and services available, from regular maintenance, to restocking supplies, to security reviews, with all of these being "requested" by me.
  • HR (Clare) has asked a significant amount in the last quarter, but this is not a bad thing!  We're in the process of establishing consistent processes and procedures where all stakeholders, including IT, are in the loop regarding personnel changes.  We're very happy that these procedures are being established with IT in the loop!  Down the road, we do envision many of these processes being automated to reduce the load on IT personnel, but while the processes and procedures are in flux, we're handling them semi-manually.
  • Facilities (Theo) has also requested a significant amount from IT.  I'll be working with Theo to more permanently resolve some of the more regular requests and issues.


DPB-DGE IT Quarterly Stats - Q2 2018.png

DPB-DGE IT Yearly Stats - Q2 2018.png