As part of our commitment to supporting the DPB/DGE community, we're releasing quarterly reports on our work and workload.  We hope this will provide some insight into how IT is working to support the community.

  • Load remains elevated in 2018 relative to 2017, so other statistics (average first response time, average response time, resolution time, and backlog) are remain elevated.
  • I still ask much of IT in general.  This is related to tasks we do in the background to keep IT systems and services available, from regular maintenance, to restocking supplies, to security reviews, with all of these being "requested" by me.
  • Many requests from HR just like last quarter, though this is expected as we're still doing many HR related updates manually while we wait for Ceridian to be deployed (and will *hopefully* automate many of these tasks).  Clare's requests generally relate to onboarding, terminations, and general cleanups of personnel information resident in IT systems.
  • Requests from Leslie for the quarter were related to tweaks, refinements, and fixes related to the DGE website.