On Saturday, May 18th, we will be making major upgrades and reconfigurations to our firewalling and VPN infrastructure.  While doing upgrades to the hardware and software of these systems, we'll also be reconfiguring them to better support the needs of our scientific and administrative functions.  Specifically, we'll be splitting the VPN service into separate Administrative VPN and Scientific VPN services.  By splitting these services, we can dedicate more resources and capacity where needed, and optimize configurations based on the unique needs each function.

For the Science VPN, nothing will be different from a client configuration perspective.  The VPN configuration in use today will connect to the dedicated Science VPN on May 18th and beyond.  Administrative users will need to update their client configuration to find the new Administrative VPN service.  Updated documentation will be available on Friday, May 17th, and we'll be available with on Monday, May 20th to assist our administrative users in updating their VPN configurations.