January, 2013 to April, 2013

A primary fileserver named "Data" has been deployed with 20TB of initial storage allocated.


There are several file servers floating around campus.  Each file server lacks any form of hardware fault tollerance, is it's own island of authenticaiton and information, and lacks any clear organizational structure.  Some labs have resorted to deploying their own storage solutions to work around the limitations of generally available storage systems.  Managing multiple fileservers is a waste of time and effort, and storing critical data on hardware with single points of failure is a huge risk.


  • > 10TB available storage capacity
  • Fault-tollerant hardware platform
  • Multi-OS compatible file server protocols
  • Integration into centralized authentication system

Recommended Solution

  • Hardware: A virtual machine utilizing resources from our in-development virtual infrastructure.  As the virtual infrastructure gains fault-tollerance, so too will all of the VMs within the infrastructure, including the file server.
  • Software: Utilizing a Linux guest OS platform allows us to provide native services for Windows (samba), Mac (netatalk) and Linux (nfs).
  • Integration: Linux winbind will allow us to join the OS to Carnegie's Active Directory domain, allowing users to use their primary credentials for access.