DPB/DGE IT supports audio and video implementations for virtual meetings and event livestreams. 


DPB/DGE IT supports conferencing to allow users to to host and attend virtual meetings. The rooms can be used as a conventional meeting space, and come equipped with a projector for presenting content in the room. In addition, the Crestron Mercury allows easy plugin for a laptop to present to the room through HDMI connection and passes through mic input, speaker output, and webcam video through USB connection

A/V equipment is available in the following conference rooms at DPB/DGE:

  • Library Conference Room, 1st floor DPB Admin Building
  • Solarium Conference Room, 2nd floor DPB Admin Building
  • DGE Main Conference Room, 2nd floor DGE 

If you have trouble with the A/V systems in the conference rooms, please contact IT immediately to address the issue. Please refrain from unplugging wires from the Crestron unit. 

Livestreaming with Youtube Live

DPB/DGE IT also provides livestreaming capabilities in the DPB Seminar Room. Both a handheld and a lavalier mic are available for output to the speakers in the room as well as an audio feed into the live capture. A webcam is set up in the back of the room to point at the presenter or the board to capture for video feed. A video feed for presentation slides or presenter screen can also be included in the live capture. 

Livestream capture is only available in the DPB Seminar Room. Contact IT for consultation or scheduling.