Carnegie DPB/DGE IT can provide recommendations and consultations on computers, devices, and accessories. 


While we have standard recommendations on our Service Catalog, we can also consult on customized or specialized builds depending on your computing and science needs. We can work with you if your proprietary software or equipments needs a certain build or part to work as intended.  Please feel free to contact us or visit us if you would like to discuss your project needs at length. 

Loaner Laptops

We also have basic loaner laptops that are available for temporary loan. This is helpful for when you're in between machines or if you're simply in a bind. We regularly maintain them and try to keep at least one of these on hand for your convenience. 


We provide a stock of computer peripheral accessories (keyboards, mice, and various video adapters) in the IT office available at no cost to users. If you are not sure whether we have something stocked, feel free to ask us. If we happen to not have what you're looking for, we can give best recommendation on what to purchase.