Plant Biology and Global Ecology's location on Stanford's campus presents a unique network environment for the two departments compared to other Carnegie departments. DPB/DGE IT provides internet connectivity so users can access the resources and information that they need on a day to day basis. In order to do so, we share Stanford Wifi airspace and network. The local DPB/DGE network exists within a subset of Stanford's network. In this subspace, we manage the internal network to ensure reliable network access on top of daily operations.

Each floor in every building at the DPB/DGE campus has network switches that provide hard-lined ethernet access in most rooms. There are access points for Stanford Wifi across DPB/DGE campus for those who are more mobile between buildings as they work. Users are free to utilize the network regardless of whether they are stationed at a desk or running between experiments. 

The co-location with Stanford also provides eduroam hotspots locally as Stanford is a participating eduroam campus. Carnegie credentials can be used to authenticate and gain access to eduroam Wifi and can also be used at other eduroam campuses. 


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Additionally, to use Stanford's network spaces, users must register their devices to Stanford's network database. While Wifi access can be done via self-service, ethernet users must contact DPB/DGE IT for their devices to be registered. Because we do our best to abide by Stanford's compliance requirements, a SUNet ID is provided for new employees for network access.