DPB/DGE IT can help you best protect your information in the event of loss or theft to safeguard your data and your science. 


To keep prying eyes from stealing your information upon possessing or abducting your machine, enable encryption to turn your valuable data into something unreadable. Both Mac and Windows provide encryption options for your computer's hard drive. Enable FileVault for Mac and BitLocker for Windows. Store the encryption key in a file in a safe place, just in case you or IT would need it ot access your computer if you forget your password. After your computer is encrypted, your password for login will be used as the decrypt key every time you turn on your computer. If you don't remember your password, you can always unlock your computer with the encryption key.

We highly and strongly  recommended that you enable encryption for all your devices to safeguard all your important data and information from unwanted eyes.

If you need help with encryption, please contact us or visit us!