Account Management 

Carnegie Accounts are created to provide users with an identity while using Carnegie-owned and affiliated resources. Learn more about managing and utilizing your Carnegie Account by referring to the following:


Connectivity is key to getting access to resources and information at DPB/DGE. Learn more about gaining access locally or remotely by referring to the following: 

Data Storage 

DPB/DGE IT offers local fileservers for scientists and researchers to be able to store scientific research data while working at Carnegie. Carnegie accounts also provide a Google Account for G Suite Apps, making Google Drive a viable resource for data storage as well. We also recommend following best-practices for where and how often to best store important information. Learn more by referring to the following: 

Scientific Systems

Processing and analyzing data is critical for science and research at DPB/DGE, and IT offers systems to help enable such a purpose. From Linux computational servers to remote desktop servers, learn more what we provide by referring to the following: 


DPB/DGE IT Policies coming soon.