RDS2, short for Remote Desktop System (Second Edition), is a Windows based Remote Desktop Services server providing computational resources for codes that require a Windows based environment.  A private virtual desktop for each user that uses RDS2.  RDS2 enables scientists in several ways:

  • Providing memory resources far in excess of their personal laptop or desktop
  • Offloading computation a user's desktop or laptop, enabling the user to continue working without computation slowing down their primary computer
  • Enabling Mac users to run Windows based computation and analysis apps without needing Windows as their primary system
  • Enabling the use of GPU and GPGPU (CUDA) codes that require a Windows environment.

Features & Specs

  • OS: Windows Server 2008R2
  • CPU: 8x vCPU
  • Memory: 128GB Memory
  • Disk: 500GB Apps, 500GB Temp
  • Access: Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft)
  • Carnegie Account